Who Moved My Cheese

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Who Moved My Cheese

Throughout my education and my life I have learned that I am a leader. Reading “Who Moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson made me think more on a personal level then on an organizational level. I typically think about the big picture and everyone else around me. Even though I assume that this book is written about how individuals prepare for change, adapt to change, and respond to change, I understand it also as also managers and leaders should do the same.

During the last year of my undergraduate degree I was president of a fraternity on Duquesne University’s campus. We started as a small chapter with only six members but grew quickly to twenty-two members. When I first started as president the members were inexperienced and new nothing about fraternity life and rules. They had no idea of what was expected of them, how to meet expectations, and how to be productive in this setting. I started as a president running the entire fraternity. Even though the other members had positions and duties, I did their jobs for them. I wanted them to ask how to do their positions and certain tasks. Eventually, they got annoyed with me and stopped talking to me. This caused some problems because when my members were not talking to me the organization as a whole wasn’t able to do what it was supposed to do. This is why I think the most important lessons from this book are “anticipate change, monitor change, and enjoy change.”

When I took over and became president of my fraternity, I knew my work ethic and I knew what I was capable of. If I get invested in something and I put my full effort into it, I know things will change. However, when our membership was increasing I didn’t realize that it would change the logistics and day to day tasks. If I would have anticipated the change then I could have written policies and worked with my national office to make sure that we were prepared for the dramatic increase in membership.

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