Who Killed Weimar Democracy

Topics: Weimar Republic, Paul von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Who killed Weimar democracy? It is hard to access a simple answer to this question because there are many factors which led to that. Beginning with the hard situation of Germany after the First World War, going through reigns of chancellors, ending on the president and Hitler’s high political skills. However in my essay I would like to mainly concentrate on the role of chancellors: Burning, Papen, Schleicher and the president Hindenburg. I will try to estimate in turn whether these four persons deliberately undermined Weimer democracy or helped Hitler by their choices.

Bruning was appointed a chancellor in very hard time for Germany. After the First World War Germany was in a weak position and in addition it had to pay reparations. Heinrich Bruning wanted to quickly begin his reign and introduce his plans. But Reichstag rejected to some of his measures. Thinking quickly and under pressure he decided to dissolve the Reichstag. He made this because Hindenburg advised him so and as it turned out it was his big mistake which can be his first step to undermine the Weimar democracy. In the new elections the extremists took control and it became even harder for Bruning to gain the co-operation and rule. He wanted to deepen the Depression to achieve ending of reparations. He reckoned that it is a great plan to convince world that Germany could not afford to pay reparations. On one hand it really released Germany from paying the reparations, but on the other it made people very angry and unhappy. When people did not have anything to eat and conditions to live dissatisfaction was growing. This chancellor can be blamed for Hitler’s eventual appointment, because firstly dissolving Reichstag gave Nazis an opportunity to gain higher position and then the deflationary policies made millions voters to support Nazi. It is important to mark that Hindenburg advised Bruning to use the Article 48.

After the fall of Bruning he was forced to resign and a new chancellor Franz...
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