Who Killed the Maya

Topics: Maya peoples, Maya civilization, Guatemala Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Who Killed the Maya

This video series was very interesting to watch because I really had no real knowledge of this culture or what they were about. It is so hard to believe that one person who wanted so much power would have been the catalyst so many years later to have a people destroy themselves. One of the key points I felt this video shared would be that of hidden history. This group of people has so much history, a 2000 year old history chock full of so many details. Researchers have unearthed artifacts and walls with hieroglyphics to spell out some of the events. It goes from rituals the culture had to who ruled them and where they moved from or to. Each drawing becomes another piece to the puzzle. I would also say nonmainstream history would fit the bill for the Mayan people. This isn’t a topic that is widely discussed with fervor. There are researchers working and uncovering to find out more and more but it truly isn’t a very popular subject for mainstream. In the video we can see just how interesting their history is the speaker walks us through from the building of a dynasty to the demise and breakdown. They have spent many, many years figuring out all of these details. Asking someone who killed the Maya outside of this classroom and this history channel video series and you are certain to get some strange looks. Finally, in this series I saw diasporic histories. When there is a large migration of people from one place to another. This migration can be brought upon by war or famine or persecution, anything that leads a people to leave from what they call their home and travel to find a new place to live. This video series chronicled the events of these people and their travels. They followed where they had gone to and from and learned more about them each time. The finally event being when all the Mayan people dispersed to other places to save themselves and forgo the culture and civilization they had developed over the last 2000...
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