Who Killed Julius Caesar

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  • Published : July 10, 2008
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After viewing the video “Who Killed Julius Caesar” I have come up with mixed ideas of what might have happened. I believe the death had to do with both suicide and murder, but mainly murder. My reason starts by the describing the occurrences Caesar endured during his time of death. Some of the main points the movie stated was that he was a master a manipulating people, he had epilepsy, he screamed out “kill me now, I won’t resist!”, and that he was sick with diarrhea and drowsiness. Most of these actions, the investigator thought, were due to the epilepsy. I believe it, but I also believe all of this was what made Caesar want to commit suicide. But in my mind, he didn’t commit suicide, but instead asked others to do so. Why? I will now tell you what I believe what really happened the day of Julius Caesars death.

Caesar was a man with many problems and he knew so. He knew he couldn’t live his life like this if he were the king of Rome. So, I believe, he told Cassius to kill him on the “ides of March” wearing a purple robe, which showed his wealth, and to be with the Queen of Egypt, which showed his royalty. But why would he not kill himself if it was honorable then? I think he didn’t believe he was honorable enough to do so because he may have known he was not doing a good job and felt he is making the people and senators dislike his ways. Also he could of thought what Brutus believes in the story, “It’s for the good of Rome”. So, Cassius then accepted his order, but changed a few things. Instead of killing Caesar at the time he wanted to be killed at, Cassius wanted to kill him earlier in the same day so Caesar wouldn’t either change his mind or do something stupid at the last minute that would get him in trouble.

So he continued his own plot and convinced Brutus and a few others to join his plan. He convinced them by telling them about what Caesar told Cassius to do. Meanwhile, Caesar, who is unaware of Cassius’s plot, wrote a note that he would give his...
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