Who Judges

Topics: Judgment, Obesity, Woman Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Who Judges?
Do you ever find yourself out to judge others? Or do you find yourself people watching on a busy afternoon at the mall, passing judgment over someone’s looks, style you name it? We all may try to deny it, but we all know that at some point or another we’ve judged someone without even knowing an ounce about them. Why do we judge? What does it do for us? Why don’t we take time to get to know someone before outright judging them assuming we wouldn’t want a thing to do with them?

In Sarah Seltzer’s, The (Girl) Geek Stands Alone, she brings up the truth about judging. “Men are judged on their merits first and their looks second, while for women, unattractiveness is a deal breaker (Seltzer, 564).” Where do men get off thinking because a woman may not be the hottest thing around that she on the inside isn’t the sexiest woman on the earth? They don’t stop to think about that. Their first initial thought is, well she’s not hot so why would I want her, and what would my friends think?

This goes back long ago. People have always been judgmental. I’m not laying the blame entirely on men with women. There are just as many women as guilty of it as men. But like Seltzer states, men are judged first on their merits and then their looks. Why can’t men look at women this way as well? Women look a lot further into men than men into women. Most women want their men just as smart as they are attractive. We live in a society where a person is judged by looks, money and what they can bring to the table. Not in any other order.

Not only do men judge a woman by her nerdiness but as well by her weight. Men and women alike do this. “We live in an XL nation as stated in, America’s War on the overweight, sixty percent of adults over 20 are considered overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control, (Dailey, Ellin 575).” I personally have struggled with this since I was a small child. Do I believe it’s because I was/am lazy. No, I do not. As a child...
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