Who is your favorite artist?A short summary of my favorite artist Leonardo DaVinchi.

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  • Published: June 1, 2002
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For my favorite artist I chose Leonardo DaVinchi. He is the best artist in my eyes but other people think that there is better now, but I saw better. My favorite Mona Lisa, why because it looks like a work of art no dout about it. But the one he drew on the wall is beautiful The 12 Apoclesos the thing I hate it is all crack. They should restore it if they have not yet. One of my other favorite is The Second Giaconda. I just want to see all his works of arts but that would never happen. But if it did I would spend so much time just looking at them trying to see what he is trying to say and mean. There is nobody better than Leonardo DaVinchi and that is a main fact in deed. But if he were alive right now he would be very rich if he sells his paintings I would love to be him any time of the day. That is why I chose Leonardo DaVinchi and those pieces of art that mostly takes forever I know I wouldn`t last. So thats every thing i must rap it up I that is a every thing I know about this guy.
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