Who Is to Blame for the Trojan War

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  • Published : September 20, 2010
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Who is to Blame?

The Trojan War; one of the longest and most remembered war in the history of Greek mythology. Millions of people died, families were broken and a few people were to blame for this. In the novel The Firebrand, by Marion Zimmer Bradly, a Trojan princess, by name of Kassandra, has been given the gift of foresight. She foresees the Greek ships on the waters of Troy approximately twenty years before they are there. It was then that she met Apollo and was claimed as his. She goes to meet Penthesilia, queen of the Amazons, and lives with them for a while. When she goes back to Troy, she brings Hector’s wife, Andromache, back with her. Then the classic (with a few twists) myth of the Trojan War is told. But everyone seems to blame Helen or Paris when there are a lot of other characters to receive part of the blame. For instance: the gods, Agamemnon, Menelaus, and even Odysseus. The reason why most blame Helen and Paris is that Helen isn’t just any Greek woman; she is the most beautiful and desirable woman alive. When Helen ran away with Paris to Troy she abandoned her country and her people. All of Greece was forced to go to Troy to bring her back to where she belonged. Wait, why is this? It was Odysseus’s idea. The reason being is that all the Greek kings wanted to marry Helen, but when she chose Menelaus, a war was going to break out and Odysseus came up with a compromise. He said that all the Greek kings were going to protect Helen of Sparta no matter what. Well, that backfires on him when he is forced to go to war for ten years and then take ten more years getting back home, but that is another story. Agamemnon is another who can be held responsible for the war. He may be one of the most powerful influences that began the Trojan War. One way or another Agamemnon is determined to overthrow Troy; he is just looking for the right reason.   Helen running away to Troy gives Agamemnon that reason to travel to Troy and fight for what he...
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