Who Is the Competitor?(Translate by Google)

Topics: Mobile phone, Brand, Hong Kong International Airport Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Understand the opponent, is the marketing of the basic work. Competitors? Is not a simple problem.

Students exposure to marketing, will read a lot of case, opponents know a lot of the traditional stroke Yi. Coke vs Pepsi, Windows vs Mac, Pokka vs Wellcome, Coral vs Fairwood, Hong Kong Broadband Internet line so vs. The front of opponents, many people are not wrong.

A few years ago have a "Blue Ocean" suddenly popular to face the business strategy in addition to the positive, you can develop no further wider world. Marketing to follow the direction of the company around, many students struggle when the fighting died marketing, instant competition but can disappear without a trace.

Current mobile phone brand Sunday, with a bit of advertising to win a lot of customer support, and finally acquired by PCCW, Sunday accumulated over the years the brand has the brand value, in PCCW's quadruple-play policy was beaten wits. Cathay Pacific and Dragonair, long ago in Hong Kong and Taiwan routes fought to pieces, Dragonair, Cathay Pacific acquired a move, while the two brands to be retained, but the competition has become a cooperative relationship, marketing only with the team.

And brand development, will orbit over time. Watson started the pharmacy, and later became "Your Personal Store", and sell health and beauty products, competitors in addition to traditional pharmacy, but also add salsa, excellence and other beauty product chain. Emergence of Chinese medicine in recent years, Eu Yan Sang, Tong Ren Tang and so they will be opponents?

Open beauty magazines, advertising and more skin care products are. Skin care products have different functions, whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, firming, remove spots, wrinkles ... ... Consumers spend more confusing, the brand and the presentation of different brands, many people was not sure whether the product A Product B substitutes. Marketing to develop new products, from positioning to the development of strategies...
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