Who Is Right or Wrong? How Do We Know It?

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Knowledge issues:
Who is right or wrong? How do we know it?
One morning, a man was walking in the centre of Lhasa. It was the 10th march 2008; this man was holding the Tibetan flag and was screaming “Free Tibet”. After a little bit, the monk and the population of Lhasa joined him. The police were controlling the march. One the 14 march, even more people joined the demonstration. The police reacted when the Tibetans started to burn Chinese’s shops and restaurants. Those actions however illustrated feelings of exasperation that the Tibetans couldn’t support anymore. * Explain briefly what happened in the past in Tibet and what is happening now. The history of Tibet is complex.

Tibet always wanted to be independent from China but China never wanted Tibet to be independent, this is the reason why there have always been problems. When the Tibetans tried to become independent the Republic of China never considered them and when the Tibetans demonstrated the Chinese government always suppressed them. This year, the Buddhist monks and the Tibetans began demonstrating again because they continue to want a “free Tibet”, but the Chinese government doesn’t let them protest. In fact it stops every kind of manifestation through violence. This is the reason why they are fighting now. * Explain the relationship between the republic of China and Tibet in exile: The relations between China and Tibet are old; they go back to the XII century. 1. The point of view of the Chinese government about Tibet: There are many reasons why the Chinese government doesn’t want Tibet to be independent. a) Historical reasons

China always had an administration power on Tibet, because Tibet is a region of China. When in 1913 Tibet proclaimed its independence, China did not take it into consideration and did not react. In addition, the following year China didn’t accept the Simla Convention of 1914 The Simla Convention divides the region populated by Tibetan...
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