Who Is Responsible for Keeping Our Island Clean

Topics: Waste, Hazardous waste, European Union Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: October 3, 2011
In a sense many people (regardless of color or nationality) are accustomed to having things done for them. When they were babies their mothers used run behind them picking up all the loose pieces and putting all the toys back where they should be. And even when they grow up to be supposedly “responsible adults”, they continue to depend on “Sanitation workers" and "Sweepers" to pick up all the litter strewn all over the parks, roadsides, parking lots, etc… The Bahamian government employs companies, and these companies pay road sweepers, who are most often immigrants to do the job instead. Basically, the council pays legal immigrants to clean the streets and pavements to take our rubbish away, I mean the rubbish of some of us, while we consumers pay the council (in council tax) to take our rubbish away as well as pay businesses a lot of money to sell us more and more plastic bags, wrappings and all sorts of junk and packaging and boxes. There are even companies that break the rules and dump their waste, including toxic chemicals and hazardous wastes, wherever they like, at night of course. Some of the giant players and global corporations use Africa as a dumping ground, simply because they can pay their way out. So, in short, one can think of waste as a naturalby-product of money and success. And since money is more important than rubbish, then no one really cares about rubbish. No one cares to pick up their rubbish anymore; but if you pay them money to clean it up, then they will be more than happy to do their job.
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