Who Is Most to Blame for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : May 7, 2011
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Essay topic: Who is most to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

The tragic death of Romeo and Juliet can be amounted to the many factors and influences, however, it can be condensed to the feuding households of Capulets and Montagues, the good-hearted Friar Lawrence and the actions of the ‘star-cross’d lovers’. The ill-fated death of the young lovers is a consequence of the unfortunate events and circumstances created by these characters mentioned.

The ‘ancient grudge’ between the Capulets and Montagues sets the foundation for unfortunate events that catapults their offspring to their ultimate demise. The ‘pernicious rage’ between both households ‘alike in dignity’ has significant impact on the course of Romeo and Juliet’s lamentable love story. Most importantly, the existence of the quarrel presents a considerable impediment for Romeo and Juliet to ultimately ‘be together’ and enjoy their courtship. The ‘canker’d hate’ between old Capulet and Montague has being so saturated in Romeo and Juliet that from the get go, both conceal their relationship and take the‘faithful vow’ in surreptitiously. The quarrel has resulted in violence as an accepted part of life for the two and an acceptable way to resolve problems. Romeo is forced to defend his family’s honour and his own by avenging the death of Mercutio resulting in the death of Tybalt although Romeo had indeed attempted to avoid any violence with the cousin of this dear wife leading to the banishment of Romeo to Mantua. The authoritative parenting causes Romeo and Juliet to irrational decisions as a means to solving their problems as they see no other way. Old Capulet and Lady Capulet in particular are much more forceful of their opinions on Juliet and expect her to uphold their wishes. After the death of Tybalt, OId Capulet hastens his preparations for the marriage between the count and Juliet pushing Juliet over the edge leading her to disastrous and dangerous decisions to be with her ‘true...
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