Who Is Molly

Topics: Convention on Psychotropic Substances, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: April 18, 2013
18 February 2013

"Who is Molly?"
"Who is Molly? And why is she so popular in today's generation?" These are the questions most parents are asking. When Molly walks into a party everyone loses their minds. If you didn't know Molly, your peers will introduce you to her. They'll tell you she's nice, kind, and lots of fun. But is she really? What some teens, young adults, and parents don't know is the history of Molly and what she really is.

Molly doesn't just have one name people called her Adam, Mandy, MDMA, and one of the most common is Ecstasy. Molly was first born as MDMA(methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine), in Germany 1912 at a pharmaceutiual company called, Merck. The company Merk were searching for a good vasoconstrictor, to reduce bleeding. In the 1950, the CIA started investigating new techniques of brainwashing, and mind controlling. For this investigation on brain washing, and mind controlling the CIA tested MDMA on non-human animals; mice, rats, pigs, monkeys, and dogs. From these investigation, the CIA noticed the lack of safety even for under medical supervision. MDMA has a high potential for abuse that humans should not get they're hands on. But of course word has got out and spreaded across the Altantic. By the 1980's, people had called MDMA Adam to Ecstacy; The party drug. In Ibiza, Spain ecstasy became associated of the birth of Acid House, which is spanish music. By 1986, Ibiza became known as XTC Island, because tourist would go back home and spread the word.Then thats when rave's were born in the UK. Bruce Eisner wrote a story explaining the word Ecstasy. The story is called "Bruce Eisner's Ecstasy: The MDMA Story (1989)". Eisner had chose the word Ecstacy because, "it would sell better than calling it Empathy." (MDMA.net) Eisner thought Esctasy would sell better than, "Empathy" because most people don't know the meaning of "Empathy".

As years went by, ecstasy became mixed wth stronger ingredients similar to cocaine, and...
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