Who Is Frances Rain?

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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Critical Review

I believe that this book is very unique. It is not what a person would normally read and it is realistic and supernatural.

As I was reading it, I felt more and more tempted to finish it in one day. I especially liked how well the author described every character and scene in the book. I also was fond of how in the most exciting moments of the novel, I felt that I was there seeing it with my own eyes.

This book kept making me guess every moment. I could never predict the next event. I enjoyed how this novel is made for every person: people who believe in spirits, like me and people who do not.

I loved the style and , I think, it is very upbeat, interesting, exciting and descriptive. One thing I would change about this book is that the author would not hurry through it, and have a more powerful ending.

I would recommend this book for everyone.

Reactions to Characters in Who Is Frances Rain
The Character I Liked Most In Who Is Frances Rain:

In the novel Who Is Frances Rain?, I especially liked Gran, a.k.a. Teresa, who turned out to be the little sick girl with Frances Rain.

The qualities I liked most about her were how she made Lizzie feel so much better, and how she was so calm and down-to-earth when things got tough. I also liked that she has a very strong soul, which you can notice because of how she battled the sickness, and was always positive about the situation.

She and I are a bit alike; we both are creative and love drawing (when Gran was with Frances she drew a sketchbook for her, and I have a sketchbook). We have different personalities, Gran is down-to-earth, when I am not, I believe in ghosts, spirits and anything else that is supernatural.

For these reasons and more, I liked Gran the most from all of the characters of Who Is Frances Rain? Character I Liked Least In Who Is Frances Rain:

In the novel Who Is Frances Rain?, I liked Evan the least.

From the beginning I noticed that he is not a...
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