Who Is Chieftest Mourner? a Literary Analysis of Aida Rivera-Ford’s the Chieftest Mourner

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Husband Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Vallo, Rodeann Angelica D. May 22, 2012 Section 4N
Who is Chieftest Mourner?
A literary analysis of Aida Rivera-Ford’s The Chieftest Mourner Who would possibly claim the higher sovereignty, is it the legal wife or the mistress? This is just the question that the author leaves us. The story related on the life of the couple who are separated because of their misunderstanding. There is a tendency that a husband finds another woman to marry who is the one who can understand him, be with him in sorrow or even in happiness and it’s his own choice. Aida Rivera Ford’s piece “The Chieftest Mourner” shows the loyalty and pure love of mistress to the poet, which makes her even more deserving to be the Chieftest Mourner than the legal wife. “…my uncle had not only deserted poor Aunt Sophia but had also been living with another woman these many years and, most horrible of all, he had probably died in her embrace!”(Ford 1) these are the words from the poets niece which basically talks about her uncle’s love and marriage life. He married Sophia, and found out that he had mistaken, that he had made a wrong choice and decision is his life; they separated for ten years and found another woman who will fulfill his dreams. Things were too complicated when he was alive, and became more so when he died. Confusions came of who must be the official widow of this man. My sympathy catches first for the legal wife. It is true, it is really hurts to be deserted and knew that your husband has another woman. It really broke her heart so much being left alone for ten years and still hoping for that man to come back in her arms. But I realized, the wife had made flaws in their relationship that forced her husband to end up his commitment with her, and find another woman who can give what had been searching for; the woman whom the society will call “mistress”. We, the Filipinos are known to be conservatives, we give...
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