Who Is Changing the World

Topics: Heart, Artificial heart, Change Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: January 31, 2013
490-8 1/15/13 Who is Changing the World (library research)
The world is changing every day in countless ways. Some changes are small and can often go unnoticed; and others are big. Some are so big, we hear about it daily and accept it as a normal part of life no matter how significant it may be; like the growing obesity rate for example. Change, whether for better or worse, does not come from one person’s many ideas. In fact, change comes from many people who are equipped with innovation, education, creativity, and drive. One if these people are Dr. Alain Carpentier. Dr. Carpentier is a heart sergeon who is changing the world by perfecting the artificial heart. Dr. Carpentier has been modifying and trying to perfect his creation for the last fifteen years. This artificial heart is the closest development to a real heart yet! Earlier mechanical hearts did not replace a patient’s real heart; it would just assist with the normal functioning of the impaired heart. In contrast, the heart developed by Dr. Carpentier has two pumps, instead of one, and more accurately mimics the function of a real heart's two ventricles. In addition, the “heart” contains a system of miniature sensors that react to physical activity and automatically increase or decrease the heart rate and blood pressure accordingly. Dr. Carpentier will be transplanting this experimental organ in as little as three years. There are over 20,000 people around the world per year that need a heart transplant in order to survive. Of those people, only a quarter of them get the transplant they need. Dr. Carpentier is trying to save more lives around the world. Once his device proves to be reliable and durable, Carpentier plans for it to shorten transplant wait-lists and save the lives of some of the 17,000,000 people who die from heart disease every year.
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