Who Has Seen the Wind- Brian and the Young Ben Compare and Contrast

Topics: Difference, Boy, Similarity Pages: 3 (1329 words) Published: March 22, 2012
In W.O. Mitchell’s novel, Who Has Seen The Wind, there are many similarities and differences to be found between the main character, Brian O’Connal and the mysterious Young Ben. The Young Ben is known to be a loner, the boy of the town drunk. Normally the Young Ben would keep to himself; he never had contact with others, but he took an intriguing to Brian O’Connal. The boys began to develop an unspoken friendship throughout the novel. In the Novel, Who Has Seen The Wind, the Young Ben and Brian share many similarities, many are traits are that of all young children and others are unique to them. For example they both share qualities such as independences and curiosity. The Young Ben is kind of a lone wolf, he’s a very independent young boy, he’s learnt to fend for himself very well, as where Brian is independent in another way, Brian’s independences is more because of his growing maturated. Another example of a good similarity between Brian and the Young Ben would defiantly have to be their curiosity, especially for nature and thing related to nature. Brian and the Young Ben are both very intrigued with nature and live, and how everything works. The Young Ben grew up on the prairie and is very close to different types of wildlife, it’s almost like his can relate to the animals in many different ways. Brian is connected to nature through curiosity and fascination with the way of life, Brian is always asking questions about life and birth: “Dad?” “Yes, Spalpeen?” “How do rabbits get started?” For some two years now he had been expecting this. Another similarity between both Brian and The Young Ben is knowing when something is wrong, for example at school when Miss. Macdonald threatened Brian with ‘God’s Punishment’ simply because the young boy forgot to wash his hands, and got carried away and lied about doing so. The Young realized that’s Brian was being unfairly treated, and felt for him. “She saw the ugliness in the Young Ben’s eyes; she saw the knife in his...
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