Who Fired First in April 19, 1775

Topics: Truth, Theory, Paul Revere Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: June 19, 2012
Assignment 2.05: Persuasive essay
Who fired first?

On April 19, 1775 there was a battle that stumped people of what really happened that day for years. There are many explanations and theories of what happed but I have my own perspective of what really happened that dreadful day, of April 19, 1775. What I feel happened on that day was that when the three groups followed pretty much the same path until they came to the British patrol stopped and captured the revere and dawes group retreated back to Lexington where Prescott and the British continued there route where Edward Gould’s Affidavit group had fired first after the provincials had retreated back to the Concord, where then after they returned with up to three to four hundred people is when Edward Gould’s Affidavits group had drew up on the Concord side of the bridge, in which they were the first to fire, killing some of the men. My theory came from the testimonies of Edward Gould’s Affidavits, John Parker Affidavits, and Simon Affidavits. I also got my theory from the maps showing the routes taken. There were a lot of different testimonies given and stories but the one I feel was the most truthful would be from Edward because in his testimony he was able to give facts such as location, times and evidence on what exactly could have happened his testimony also fit the maps given. He told of how he wasn’t quite sure who shot first in Lexington and could also tell you where they were in Concord and where the other group was also, that the other group retreated back to concord and came back with three to four hundred men, where his group was on the concord side of the bridge where he says they fired first not the other group. From the six sources I read from the resource I felt was the most believable would be Edwards once again because of the evidence and amount of facts he was able to give compared to the other five sources. Edward was able to tell us where they went, how everything happened and an...
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