Who Fired First

Topics: Epistemology, Battles of Lexington and Concord, Patriots' Day Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: June 25, 2012
2.05 Lexington & Concord: Who Fired First? Essay
Who do you think fired first at the Lexington and Concord? I have listen and reviewed six different sources about the Lexington and Concord. Some were letters, maps, diary entries, illustrations and personal encounters. My thesis for this battle is that nobody truly knows who in fact fired first. For starters, in the six sources I read and listened to; they all said different things. Some said they are not sure who fired first, others said “there was no discharge of arms on either side till the word “fire” was given, by the said Officer as above” – Source five. My personal opinion of all six sources is that nobody knows who fired first because of two reasons. Reason one being there were no witnesses. Reason two is that no side wants to admit firing first. All of the claims of which side firing first is mostly just pointing fingers. For my second opinion, I believe that the first shot was fired from inside the tavern, by an unknown patriot. There were no eyewitnesses that saw anyone fire from either the British or the patriots who were lined up on the common. If this is true it would explain why there were no witnesses and why nobody knows who fired the first shot. Although this is not a stated fact, it does explain a lot as to why there were no witnesses or documents that states facts of who fired first. Finally, in the poem “Who Fired First” says “In the books you have read, How the British regulars fired and fled.” This is saying the British fired first, and then the contradiction to this is source three that says “but which party fired first, I cannot exactly say.” So all sources contradict each other on who fired first. When in reality nobody knows for a fact. In conclusion, I believe that it is still unknown as to who fired first in the Lexington and Concord. There are no stated facts that say which side fired first, no witnesses, and all sources say differently to who fired first in this battle. It will...
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