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Kathy WilfordNovember 5, 2012
Who Decides?
Medical Technologies (MT) is an essential factor when it comes to science . However, there seems to be a misunderstanding on who should have the power to control its use.The three most common figures that are usually involved in controlling MT’s are the government, doctors, and society.Each representative has its own advantages and disadvantages .In both essays ,”The Made to Order Savior” by Lisa Belkin and “Who Holds the Clicker” by Lauren Slater , medical technology procedures are executed yet controlled and regulated differently. Every figure has its own guidelines as to how to control this technology and at times there was no control at all .Medical practices are very important and sometimes necessary to save a patients life . With proper funding from the government , doctors should have the authority to control how medical technology is used.

In the “Made to Order Savior” by Lisa Belkin , doctors were able to control medical practices used in the patients life. Unfortunately , they received little or no funds from the government. Belkin felt that doctors lacked control because they were being held back from the government .For example, Dr Mark Hughees was one the first doctors who helped Strongin Goldbergs’ and the Nashes’ family find a cure for their children Henry and Molly.His brilliance and ever-lasting experience caused much of his research to be supported by the government , but not for too long. It was only so soon that Congress decided to stop funding Hughess research , which eventually affected the lives of Henry and Molly. Hughes then continued his research through private funds. Belkin states “ at the time he was also a member of a federal advisory committee that developed guidelines for single-cell embryo analysis that was central to PGD.But no sooner had those guidelines been developed than Congress banned all federal financing of embryo research , and Hughes was forced to continue his research with private funds only”(6).This shows that the doctors’ work is not always supported and can be affected by the governments’ decisions. The government is controlling and limiting the doctors’ ability to use medical technology .By stopping financial funds necessary to continue research the chances of finding new cures lessens by a great chance . This can also be considered detrimental to the patients life because it leaves questions unanswered .

On the other hand , in “Who Holds the Clicker” by Lauren Slater , doctors were able to receive adequate funding from the government to expand the use of medical technology . The government here saw the benefits of medical technology to the point were they took control of it. By willingly sponsoring doctors , this technology was soon uses as a management device. e . This potentially put pressure on the doctors because there funding was still limited which made no room for mistakes or seconds chances. Slater states ”Beyond questions of whether a several mentally ill patient can provide informed consent, there continue to hover fears that DBS could fall into the hands of the state, or the overworked prison system, and be used as a management device”(242). As mentioned in the context of the essay, it is understood that the phrase “management device” refers to power and the capacity to dominate. Here, the government saw an opportunity to utilize the tools of medical technology to control the population. One example of how the government wanted to use medical technology to gain power is to try and wipe out violence. Slater states “ The potential uses and abuses of neural implants were obvious: You could control prison populations; you could effectively wipe out violence” (236).They targeted certain races and populations, such as African Americans. Their excuse to use medical technology was to wipe out violence from the African American race. Once again, this proves...
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