Who Causes Collision

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All the questions in the quiz along with their answers are shown below. Your answers are bolded. The correct answers have a green background while the incorrect ones have a red background. The Advance Warning Sign tells you:

• There is a railway yard nearby
• To slow down, you are approaching a railway crossing
• There is only one railway track ahead
The advance warning sign warns you in advance of the highway/railway crossing. You should slow down and be alert as you are approaching a crossing. The crossbuck sign tells you:
• To hurry across the tracks
• There is only one railway track ahead
• To slow down, look, listen, and be prepared to yield for an approaching train When you see the crossbuck sign, you know that you are at a railway crossing. It is your responsibility to slow down, look, listen and yield to oncoming trains. Trains sound the engine whistle at most highway/railway crossings as a safety warning. When you are approaching a crossing and hear an engine whistle, you must: • Be prepared to stop

• If a train is approaching, stop at least 5 metres from the nearest rail • Ensure all tracks are clear before proceeding
• All of the above
The locomotive engineer is required, by law, to sound the train whistle when approaching most crossings. When you hear it, be prepared to stop. If a train is approaching, stop at least 5 metres from the nearest rail and ensure all tracks are clear before proceeding.

If you are being careful and obeying the traffic signs, you should never find yourself on the tracks while the gates are closing. The crossing lights start flashing before the gates come down. If you...
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