Who Can Be Entrepreneur

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1.Who can be an entrepreneur?
Anyone can be! Even though you have never had an experience, you can start up a business. But entrepreneur uses and understand entrepreneurial principles and entrepreneurial reasoning. They know how to manage the risk and finance by backers. Also they need to have the right attitude and the entrepreneurial spirit. 2.What are the risks, rewards, and trade-offs of lifestyle business versus a high-potential business-one that will exceed $5 million in sales and grow substantially? In terms of profit, high-potential grow businesses are more likely to make more money than lifestyle business without a doubt because high potential business founders have more easy to get finance and the values from backers. But if you choose a lifestyle business in which you are able to run the business with control over your lifestyles. You might think your time and lifestyles have more value than you value higher earnings. You are most likely to get less profit from your lifestyle business than high-potential business one but you could sustain your lifestyles and thrive with enjoying your lifestyles. 3.What is the difference between an idea and an opportunity? For whom? What can be learned from exhibits C and D?

4.Why has the company succeeded so far?
The Burt’s Bee has been succeeded with their simplicity and

5.What should Roxanne and Burt do, and why?
I think Roxanne and Burt should stay in North Carolina in where they can meet better conditions for their business. For example, North Carolina is more centered than Maine state maybe they can save money from transportation They moved to North Carolina because they met some limitation
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