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Kali Ackison
7 September, 2010

The Past, Present, and Future of Kali Ackison

As you grow up, you don't ever have an accurate prediction about how your life will turn out. Many people have dreams, goals, and hopes of one day living what they consider the "perfect life," but never actually reach their goal. Right now I have many goals and hopeful predictions on how I hope and plan my life will end up. You are truly the only person who can control your future. With that being said, My name is Kali McKall Ackison. I was born on November 7th, 1991 at Howard Community Hospital and raised in lovely Kokomo, Indiana, where there is absolutely nothing to do . I am currently eighteen years of age, and obviously attend Saint Francis University. Growing up I was always out-going and loved sports. Throughout middle school and high school I played basketball and soccer. I'm on the basketball team here at Saint Francis.

I have two sisters, Kelcey and Ashley. My parents adopted Ashley who is now 23, at age 13 , so since age 8 I've had two older sisters. Surprisingly having two older sisters really helped me out in life. Although I was always considered the baby , I was the smartest of the two. I learned from their mistakes, and believe me they made a lot, so whoever said being the baby sucked, lied for sure. My family was always very close growing up, we always took many vacations and did everything together. My boyfriend , Brock, and I have a pitbull puppy named Fresh Prince Duke, but everyone just calls him Prince. He is four months old, and likes to tear up everything! He doesn't like to walk on a leash , and sleeps above my head at night. My boyfriend is also one of my best friends, so leaving him was very hard. He goes to IU East in Richmond, Indiana , and plays basketball there.

My favorite music artist is Drake. My favorite foods are chicken, macaroni and cheese, and birthday cake ice cream, let's just say it would be better if...
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