Who Am I

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Who Am I
Johnett Smith
Albright College

My name is Johnett Michell Smith. I am a licensed practical nurse and a mother of 6. This article was probably one of the most difficult but fun task I have had yet to write. Why, because I must search the inside and outward actions of self.

I am a very spiritual person who loves the relationship with the God of my understanding. I do my best to live by spiritual values and principles which keep me from self destruction. I have learned through experience that I can be my worst enemy. I enjoy shopping at flea markets and for some reason I am attracted to purchasing organizers and never seem to get organized. It is very confusing and sort of embarrassing for me.

I am told by others that I can have a very defensive attitude. It has been a great learning process knowing that others can see me as I cannot. I have learned to accept what I now consider constructive criticism. I can only allow it to shape me or break me.

I am thankful for what I have in my life one day at a time. I am thankful just to be alive another day. I am humorous and love sharing my happiness with others. I am learning in my spiritual walk to be more forgiving. I don’t believe people are generally out to hurt me. It’s usually a lack of knowledge, self hate or a yearning for help that someone doesn’t know any better than to treat someone in an wrongful manner. Enjoy being helpful and empathetic to others which seem to increase my self-esteem and helps me to love myself even more. I am always willing to learn from others but I can be stern in many ways continuing the ethnic values and morals taught by my mother.

I have always been responsive to the immediate needs of others. It could be responding to a bully who is hurting another or a terrible accident. I believe it’s only human nature to help another. Many have told me that I am a social butterfly because I...
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