Who Am We

Topics: MUD, Game, Sherry Turkle Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Who Am We: Not Always Who We Think
Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs) are cyber-worlds on the internet in which people playing the game can interact and even play as though it is a real world. In each of these different MUDs, gamers can have multiple profiles. Each MUD contains different characters to play with. Should internet users trust these players that they do not know and can not see? In Sherry Turkle’s article “Who Are We,” Turkle talks about all of the benefits of using MUDs, such as building the gamer’s self-confidence, building their self-esteem, and allowing the gamer to be themselves. However, do these MUDs actually accomplish what Turkle claims in her article? Do her so called benefits work in the real world?

In her article “Who Am We”, Sherry Turkle states that playing multiple MUDs can be beneficial in building self- confidence. In many cases this could be true, however, a majority of these MUDs hide a gamer’s profile, leaving the identity of the gamer hidden to others playing _____. While in many cases this could be considered a good thing, a gamer can gain no real social status if he or she is hiding behind a ____ screen name. Thus, they are given __ false confidence, if any. In Turkle’s article she states, “The anonymity of MUDs gives people the chance to express multiple and often unexplored aspects of the self, to play with their identity and try out new ones.” (Turkle 52). It should not take a game for someone to find themselves or to establish their identity, and Turkle is supporting these flawed views.

Gaines 2
In “Who Am We”, gamers__ playing these MUDs__ have the opportunity to play with multiple characters ranging from men to women, from teenagers to old people, or from furry animals to monstrous creatures. In the article, the author sees being able to have all of these possible identities as a good thing. Through these characters, gamers can imitate a near real life environment, talking to one another, fighting,...
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