Who Am in Ten Years

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Who am I in ten years.
Who am I in ten years?. How would I know, cause future can not be predictable. My future can be full of joy or can be sad. But, what I do know is I have plan my future. I have a dream, I want to an islamic accountant. In order to achieve my dream, I just can not wait until the opportunities come me but I have pursue it. Therefore, I will learn that it is not easy to be sucessful person in life. They are many obstacles that I have to go through. It can be pain, happy, sad or whatever it is. Present is the beginning of the plan in future. If the present are great, then future will be much more better. What I see myself in ten years, I was very happy. I have the job that I wanted, a beautiful wife, two kids named Muhammad Nur Adam and Nur Amina’ Khadijah, a big house at some peaceful place where I can breathe balmy. Then, have great neighbours, always looking bright and help the community when needed. I hold the highest position in accountant profession and my expense were enough to sufficiency my family and parents. Expense where I can contribute to help my siblings. Next, my kids have a good education and they were also a good kids. I wish my dream house built at some peaceful place like Iceland, the hills, the breeze all over me and strong wind where I can teach my kids to play kite along with their coolest friends. Last but not least, my wife is an educated, pious women and cute too. She always support me no matter what might happen and she care of family. But life is not nintendo game where you can reset when you get off on the wrong foot. I have to plan my future wisely because once told me that “time is like a life not a gold, which can have just one in lifetime”. I have to maximize my efforts and forget things that can make me reckless that can harm my future. Plus, as Islam, our prophet Muhammad told that we must pursue knowledge in life otherwise we will be left behind.

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