Who's Raising Who?

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, High school Pages: 9 (3800 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Kayla Boos
Mrs. N. Miller
English 4A College Prep 6th Hour
14 December, 2012
Who’s Raising Who?
Teen pregnancy is on the rise again, even though it has declined in past years, it is going back up in percentage. Teen pregnancy has always been a controversial problem in the United States, and has not had any help to stop it from arising again like it is. They are many decision, choices, and life changing decisions that a teen has to face while deciding when they become pregnant. If society knows it is a problem, why is there not anybody trying to help cut the percentages and rates? Society should be used to the increases in the rate and a percentage in teen pregnancy since it has been an occurring problem. Enforcement of programs to help teens succeed in what they want to accomplish should be taken into action so either teen pregnancy will come to a decrease or society will help teens realize with what comes with being a teen parent. Teen pregnancy occurs in the United States regularly; however, society can impact teen pregnancy issues by promoting health and safety through the provision of contraceptions, giving teen’s information about parenting, and providing financial support.

To understand the issue of teen pregnancy it is essential to define its meaning. A teenage girl, usually within the ages 13-19, portrays teenage pregnancy. Teen pregnancy also characterizes a girl that has not reached adult-hood but becomes pregnant. Teen pregnancy occurs not only in high school, but also occurs in middle school ages too. Adolescents think that contributing to getting pregnant, they will have someone to love, or to also be there for them. Teen mothers also think they will marry the father of their baby. “When their babies are born, more than half unmarried teen mothers say either that they are “sure” or “chances are good” that they will marry the father of their child, according to a survey by the national Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy. Eighty percent of the time, however, that never happens” (Rinaldo 4). Numerous amounts of teens do not understand the methods of how not to contribute to teen pregnancy. Most teens do not know about ways to prevent teen pregnancy by using to contraceptive. Adolescents should often consider learning about the consequences of teen pregnancy. Considering that teen pregnancy occurs in the present time at such a young age, society should encourage a way to help stop the trend of teen pregnancy.

Adolescents have struggles when it comes to teen pregnancy. They start to struggle in school, but also start to struggle with money also. Some teens get the opportunity to have programs in school to help them with their kids, so that they do not have to drop out. With in-school programs compromising with teens that have had kids, some teens achieve their goals at getting their diploma. “Thanks to the GRADS program through Collins Career Center, those teen parents have somewhere to turn for parenting education and moral support” (Goodman). Not all school have programs to help the struggling teen moms. Teen mothers most of the time do not have the time to go to school because they try to take care of their kids, or get a job to help support them. School boards should consider taking programs, like the GRAD program, into consideration so that teens can stay in school and not have to drop out, so that they can continue their education. “One of the main goals of the program is to keep the pregnant and parenting teens in school” (Goodman). Continuing their education is the best thing for the teen mom and her baby. It helps gets the teen mother on track and get their life going for them. The mother often does not know how she is going to raise the baby, if she is going to have to quit school, if the father is going to help her, if her baby will be born healthy, or if she even has enough money to raise the child. It is a very stressful situation for the baby and also the parents of the baby....
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