Who's Better Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook?

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Who’s Better Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook?
Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook have their differences. But it comes down to who is the better guard? Russell Westbrook is a better scorer than Derrick Rose, better rebounder, average more steals, and just flat out a better defensive player. Derrick Rose is a better leader than Russell Westbrook, better clutch player, and even better at taking over games. Is it me or is the only thing people care about these days are scoring and athleticism? Russell Westbrook is the better guard because of his ability to do more on the defensive end and a better scorer on the offensive end. My brother Cam “thinks from the year of 2010-2011 that Derrick Rose is better because of the way he has pushed his team to 60 wins or more. Last season the Chicago Bulls was the number one seed in the NBA and following behind the Oklahoma Thunder in the second seed, because of Derrick Rose they were the number one seed in the Eastern Conference for two years and because of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden the Thunder was name the Western Conference number one seed.” This here shows you that Derrick Rose got all the credit while Russell Westbrook only get about twenty-five percent credit. “Derrick Rose is more clutch, because the ball is always in his hand when it comes down to winning a game but Westbrook on the other hand is the second option when it comes down to winning a game” Cam said, I told him that’s only because he have the scoring champ Kevin Durant which coach will always have the ball in Kevin Durant hands to make a play. “Derrick Rose has the ability to take over the game, by him being able to assist the ball he had to create more because of the lack of talent to take over games,” but every team has that guy who takes over the game and Derrick Rose is that guy for the Bulls but for Thunder Kevin Durant is the guy who takes over games and Westbrook steps up when he have to. Potash, Article “Derrick Rose’s...
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