Who’s Got the Monkey?(Draft)

Topics: Management, Monkey, Leadership Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Who’s Got the Monkey?

1.Summarize the article ½ page
What are the main concepts/points?
In your own words, what is the article saying?
What is one main lesson you learned from the article?
What is a “monkey” in the context of the article?
2.Describe 3 of your monkeys 1 page
3.Describe when you got or took a monkey that actually did NOT belong to you
½ page
4.What happened?(positive and negative)½ page
5.Conclusion: what would you do again?1 page
Communication Strategies ABCA

The main concepts of this article polish the managerial skills in keeping control over the responsibilities and content between managers and their bosses, their peers, and their subordinates within time. Sharing some of the monkeys with related persons is better than feeding all monkeys alone. This article discusses how to define where are the monkeys, how to get rid of them, transferring the initiative, and how to care and feed the monkeys by applying some rules. •The article is saying to arrange your managing time properly not taking all the monkeys alone and share or transfer to the right person who actually owns the monkey. Taking more monkeys than you can capable of will lead spending more of discretionary time and will lower your quality. Everyone should examine what monkeys they are holding on their neck, how to care and feed them by applying five hard-and-fast rules mentioned in this article with higher degrees of initiative. •I learned a lot from this article, one main lesson from it is that to keep control below the maximum number of monkeys that we can feed or else we will waste valuable time on post-mortem and rebirth of them •A “monkey” in the context of the article is the responsibility and duties that we are dealing everyday managing between boss-imposed time, system imposed time & self-imposed time.

Conclusion: what would you do again?
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