Whitings Model

Topics: Sense, Sensory system, Proprioception Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The motor skill example I am going to explain for each model is catching a ball in netball; there are 8 elements to Whiting’s model. The first element is the input data from display, the process which occurs in this element the player notices the display which is the environment and surroundings. The netball player would notice the ball, his teammates, opponents and spectators. This information will stimulate the sensory systems. The next element is the sense organs; the senses of vision, auditory and proprioception are used to gather information so the player is aware of what is happening around them. The player would visually see the ball and the direction of the ball, also the sense of hearing which is auditory would be used as the player would be hearing teammates talking and the coach giving instructions. The proprioceptors would be used such as touch, kinaesthetic and equilibrium to stimulate sensory receptors. The equilibrium would tell the performer whether he is balanced or in the right stance to be able to receive a catch. The next element is perceptual mechanisms; the information received by the sensory receptors is interpreted by making sense of the stimuli which is received. There is 3 concepts to this, firstly the detection phase where the brain identifies the stimulus present, then comparison phase which is once the stimulus is identifies, it is then compared to a similar stimuli that is stored in the schema. Lastly the recognition phase matches the stimulus to one which is stored in the memory and identified. The netball played would firstly interpret the speed of the ball and the trajectory of the ball coming to the player. Next in the translator mechanisms element, the information has been identified and interpreted so that the correct response can be put into action through the form of a motor programme. This is also the decision making phase as the movement identified leads to an action being chosen and being put in the correct order and where...
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