Whither Industrial and Organizational Psychology in a Changing World of Workpublished by American Psychologist |

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  • Published : August 10, 2010
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Whither Industrial and Organizational Psychology in a Changing World of WorkPublished by American Psychologist|


The article, “Whither Industrial and Organizational Psychology in a Changing World of Work?” can best be summarized as a world with new views and new outlooks on how the work force is now being operated. The article’s main topic describes the importance and needs of changes due to the ever-changing world market and technologies of the world today. In the article, it states, “Just as wars – two world wars, the Korean conflict, Vietnam, and Desert Storm- dominated the geopolitical map of the 20th century, economics will rule over the 21st.” The world is a changing place and so is how we manage it and develop our technologies to go with the world and workers. The workforce is much different then found in previous generations. Today, we find ourselves working and managing in a more democratic system, and with a vast array of technology at our fingertips. Rarely do we find ourselves in a position of hierarchy. Technology has dramatically changed how we think and operate business today as a standard. The blending of learning, adapting, and skills are imperative to what goes on in today’s workforce.

The article’s relevance to this course is its subjects and the topics it mainly focuses on. The largest stressor of importance is adaptations of the manager and the worker. The article also makes key notes on how you do not have to be the biggest company to set trends, but merely be successful. The article also mentions the use of psychology and job selection, “…the ability to select, train, and retain front-line, customer-contact workers will be a top priority for many organizations.” Also the use of psychology in training methods and how it can be used to determine whether to retrain older employees or venture out into the unemployed work force. The article also focuses on new trends such as total quality management and how it...
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