White Women Discrimination

Topics: Woman, Women's suffrage, Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Evan Allen
White Women
While white woman have been on this world born just as man was, people still disrespect them in many ways. Racism and discrimination still exists to this day “In my opinion, had I been African-American, they would not have fired me,"(Shira Hedgepeth, former director of academic technology at Winston-Salem State University), According to Shira Hedgepeth she worked at an all black college for three years (August 2008 to July 2011) she got fired one day due to the University “Going in a different Direction” (according to an EEOC letter to the university dated Sept. 20.). These things are some obstacles that white woman had to face. In the story Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck there was a character named Curley, he had a wife who didn’t have a name. She was abused, she stayed at home and she did not work. When she was younger, someone gave her the opportunity to become an actress and she thinks her mother hid her letter of acceptance. Curley’s wife did not work because at that time there was discrimination in two ways, because she was a woman, and because she didn’t have the education to work. Curley beat on is wife, maybe because he felt more powerful than her due to the fact that she is a woman, or that he is just always angry. Curley’s wife wanted to experience the American Dream to go out and work. For years white woman did not work, but stayed in the house and were house keepers. White woman wanted to experience the American dream, and were treated unequal for a long time until the 19th amendment passed. They went through tough obstacles like education, discrimination, and sexism.

White woman faced many obstacles, one of these are education. In 1836 a family from Bristol, England moved to America for a better lifestyle, in other words to experience the American Dream. This family was the Blackwell family who had 3 daughters with them (At the time). One of the daughters name was Elizabeth, and she was the youngest child....
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