White Supermacists

Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, White supremacy Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Comm. 25
The article "What White Supremacists Taught a Jewish Scholar about Identity" by Abby L. Ferber talks about experiences related to race, culture and color. The article describes the cultural differences, clashes and the discriminatory or racial behaviors that are the result of social practices. Ferber believed that her identity as a Jew owed more to persecution and to her love of her family than to religious observance or historical tradition. She suspected that, as a child, her pride as a Jew might have reflected her pleasure in self-dramatization. She began a research to find out more about the white supremacist, which made her explore and find out the contradictions in her own racial identity. Ferber describes that when people know she is Jewish she is viewed as another race, but otherwise she is just another white American which proves that it is instilled and followed by society. Reflection:

As I read the article, I learned that many white supremacists were more concerned with the Jewish promotion of the mixture of races, than the economical standpoint. The reason why white supremacists are anti-Semitists became clearer to me when Ferber explained that Jewish history considers racial differentiation as a social designation and not as a hereditary or genetic inheritance. This upsets white supremacists because they want to continue to hold the power and privilege that have by keeping races separated. I think that when someone tells them that the society is the one responsible for the acknowledgement of different races in America they become very defensive and don’t like the fact that can’t use scientific reasoning as evidential support. It seems to me that when they become defensive about the issue, they just step it up another notch and begin to blame the Jewish population for even more things. Provoking Question:

If you were in Ferber's shoes would you have
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