White Rat Dissection Lab Report

Topics: Jehovah's Witnesses, The Watchtower, Audience Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: May 27, 2013
The religion I chose to observe was Jehovah’s Witness, they usually hold services two times a week, and most of the programs involve audience participation similar to a classroom discussion. Worship beginnings with a song from their “Song Book” which leads to prayer and before ending the service with prayer they sing again. All services focus on reading and discussing the Bible and seeing how to apply it in one’s life. Those in attendance—no matter what ethnic group or age—are encouraged to read the verses being discussed in their own copy of the Bible. The Public Meeting and Watchtower Study are often held on Sundays. The first is a 30-minute Bible-based lecture that is designed to be of interest both to members of the congregation and to visitors. The context of the bible based lecture was talking to your children about sex, the speakers started to explain how talking to your children about sex is part of your God-given responsibility as a parent then reads a passages from the bible (Ephesians 6:4). After the Bible based lecture the speaker comes off stage and someone introduces the next song from the song book to sing before covering the Watchtower, The watchtower discussion is a one-hour question-and-answer coverage of a recent article on a Bible topic published in their main religious journal, The Watchtower after reading a section of the watchtower the conductor ask one of the question after choosing someone from the audience to share their thoughts someone who is a baptized JW’s walks towards the row or seat to hand them the microphone. One particular instants’ I recall being impressed by was this little girl the speaker invited the audience to look up a passage in the Bible, I just so happened to noticed that the little girl quickly found the verse in her own Bible and attentively followed the reading. I was very much impressed how involved and attentive JW’s are regardless of age. After the service I received a welcome from almost the whole...
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