White Privilege

Topics: White people, Black people, African American Pages: 9 (3371 words) Published: January 24, 2013
White privilege is a way conceptualizing racial inequalities that white people accrue from society. It can be defined as a privilege advantage over non- white people, and give special freedom or immunity which non-white groups are not exempt from. An underexposed part of racism in America is the White people have a privilege that other American like the black race doesn’t. "Defining "White Privilege"" Autoredirect to Main Site. Web. 13 Apr. 2012. .White Privileged involve low crime suburban neighborhood, not facing poverty, and not facing injustice. The three majors articles that gives us a clear understanding as to White Privilege are Cradle to Prison Pipeline, Multicultural Community Practice strategies and intergroup empowerment, and Community Organization the elderly poor in San Francisco's Tenderloin District The articles will be discussed the different discrimination as to what is considered to be White Privileges in short to be white and privilege in our society.

In our society the poor generally get blamed for all of the world’s problem, as the government official generally put the spotlight on the poor who are always in need where more than half our budget poured out to them year after year with no relief in sight. The poor are generally seen as causing their own problems and are poor because they want to be poor. Author Mr. Gutierrez quotes “In July 1998, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani pledged to end welfare and make New York City the "work capital of the country. Individuals participating in New York City's Family Assistance program had 15 year time limit on benefits and were required to participate in mandatory work activities, primarily Workfare. In addition, childless adults receiving assistance through the city's Safety Net program also were required to participate in work activities. New York City's Work Experience Program, which went into effect in 1995, was heralded as the centerpieces of Giuliani's efforts to move people off welfare rolls and into jobs. Members of Community Voice Heard an organization of made up low income people who were receiving public assistance-mostly women of color with children- indicated that they had not seen any positive change. "Work force is a phony and it doesn't lead to jobs" Gutierrez, Lorranie. "Chapter 18." Multicultural Community Practice Strategies and Intergroup Empowerment. Thousand Oaks,CA, 2005. 342-48. Print.. “The local perception of the lack of real jobs matched the Department of Labor’ data, particular poor areas. For example in January 1998, New York City’s unemployment rate was at 9.1% among the highest in the country. In the boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx, unemployment rates were at 10.6% and 11.0% respectively. Moreover, even with the national economy booming at that time, most newly created jobs that paid close to a living wage required job skills at a higher level than most Workfare participants had. Most jobs created were in the service industry, which pays very low wages. It was clear that Workfare was not assisting people in moving out poverty and finding that paid a living wage”. Gutierrez, Lorranie. "Chapter 18." Multicultural Community Practice Strategies and Intergroup Empowerment. Thousand Oaks,CA, 2005. 342-48. Print. On the other hand as more poor whites are received welfare and receive public aid. The concept is that there are more blacks receiving welfare, and they are lazy milking the system. Welfare critics still state that Blacks should not set 33 percent of public aid as they only make up 12 percent of the general population. About 46.2 percent of white receive public benefits of being white privilege. The critics and society shift the burden to blacks as White are seen as not even being a part of the system. White privilege is seen even in this dynamics, as our society overlook a certain segment of our society because of their race. In author Meredith Minkler article Community Organizing...
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