White People and King S Riot

Topics: White people, Racism, Audience Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: March 13, 2013
1.The thesis is middle class blacks are sterotype by whites people in multicultural society and by blacks who think that they are traitors to the struggle against racism. Foster uses the historic events to prove a baised society will couse an outbreak of violence or riots. Wattss riots was a six days raged followed Frye’s arrest, suspicion of driving while intoxitcated. Fostedr also uses Rodney king’s riot in 1991. It is coused after Rodney King was severyl beaten by police who attempted to pull him over after he was caught speeding.

2. In paragraph 7 when Foster was visiting Canada to see Olympics in Montreal, he was held back for questioning , while white folks processed quickly. This is an example of stereotyping. In paragraph 35: the author states that he never invited to picnic or party due to his race. This is an example of race discrimination. In paragraph 28: Glenys ( the author’s wife) never felt respected by the white customers. They bypass her to speak her white employees. Even some white offer her a job to clean their home. This is an example of stereotyping and race discriminations.

This essay is an argument essay. Foster uses facts to support his argumnet. For example he uses historic events like: Rodyney King’s riot, and Watts riot in 1965. He also tries to persuade the audience by sharing his value and used his personal exprience of racism in Canada as evidence to support his argument. For example: he believed that if he were educated, he would be accepted in society. he was successfull in his education but he was not accepted as he thought he would be. He uses those kinds of examples to persuade to his audiance.

I would say, this is an effective writing. The purpose of his writing is to show how crucial is to institute reforms in the biased social system to prevent the outbreak of more violence. His audiences are adults, who could reform the society by fighting against racism. He effectively communicates very well with his...
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