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White Paper on Social Mobility

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White Paper on Social Mobility

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Module 1: Introduction to Sociology: Understanding everyday life. Assignment 1: Article by Melanie Phillips re White Paper on Social Mobility Phillips Article makes clear her concerns at the contents of the White Paper on Social Mobility. In Phillips opinion, rather than paving the way for a socially mobile society their introduction to law will instead result in a society of government enforced equality. Phillips believes that the current equal opportunities legislation has already been the cause of unfair practices and that the new proposals, which in Philips view, are based on Harman’s prejudiced idea that the rich are unfairly privileged and the poor, left to their own devices, are unable to accomplish anything , will also result in great injustice. Phillips feels in order to create this equal society, the government will penalise the rich by removing their privilege and giving it to the poor. Phillips likens the proposals to those that bought Russia to its’ knees under the communist regime and feels that for the government to even consider their implementation is madness. In Phillips opinion the only fair society is one where people are rewarded for their efforts and to suggest that everybody should end up the same regardless of their efforts and contribution to society is deeply disturbing. Philips concerns on the introduction of the White paper may be well founded. Although in principal a classless society may sound ideal, to date no country is the world has been able to make this successfully happen. A prime example of the results of government enforced equality can be found by looking to Russia under Communist rule, where, rather than the poor becoming richer everyone became equally poor, other that is, than those who controlled the wealth. Phillips’ opinion on the current Equal Opportunities legislation could also be evidenced. Although it was implemented to stop discrimination against specific groups it has in some cases, resulted in those outside...

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