White Paper Controversy

Topics: Kill, Laws of war, Federal government of the United States Pages: 1 (732 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Dennis Topakov
White Paper: Un-Reasonable
Before you begin to form an opinion on this column. I ask you one question: If all are created equal, does any innocent individuals matter more than the next? The Justice Department recently released a white paper which would grant the U.S. Government more power. Shocker! The basis of the document is it makes it lawful to kill a United States citizen if and only if “an informed, high-level, government official decides that the target is a ranking Al-Qaeda figure who poses a threat of attack against the United States.” At first I was all for this document, as I am sure most American citizens would be. However, give it a second thought. In the recent years we have not had an enemy country come into our land to start accusations and attacks with unrelenting force. The only way we know what war feels like is when we vicariously live it through our television sets. Over the past wars we have waged, which have depleted our resources significantly, America has been depicted as the bad guy to the people of the native country. After looking at the facts, I can understand why. In Afghan there is an estimated 15,500 civilians who have been killed(http://costsofwar.org/article/afghan-civilians). Those are innocent people with families, jobs, and lives. This casualty total leads the native country’s hospitals to be over-packed and ultimately outmatched. The method by which most of these individuals have been killed is Drone Warfare. This tactic includes sending in controlled drones to bomb a selected area. It is America’s favorite war tactic and “safest.”( http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2013/02/07/Architect-of-US-drone-war-faces-public-spotlight) Nonetheless, regardless of how safe it is for our troops, it is heinous in terms of job efficiency. The statistics behind such warfare state that for every one terrorist, fifty civilians are killed.(...
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