White Oleander

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  • Published : April 4, 2007
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White Oleander, a flower, a hearty-but-poisonous flower whose beauty makes it appear deceptively fragile. This flower, can stand has a metaphor for Ingrid. Ingrid is strong, beautiful, and self-possessed, but she acts as a poison to everyone around her, especially her impressionable daughter, Astrid, who idolizes her mother. An universal theme in this story is the that of a child trying to escape from the pernicious influence of a misguided parent. It continues to develop into a story over dominance, between mother and daughter.

Ingrid, in jealously kills her lover with white oleanders. Then is sentenced to a maximum security prison, thirty years to life. Astrid is then forced to be put in foster care. As she moves from place to place, each new experience is helping to shape the person that she is to become. Yet, even from jail, Ingrid still exerts a large amount of influence over Astrid. Throughout the movie she is struggling to find her own identity, but yet finding her mother approval.

The story is along the same lines as a typical Lifetime movie-of-the-week, but stands out because of the strong work by its cast. In particular, Alison Lohman, a relatively new actor, is able to upstage veteran actors like Michelle Pfeiffer.

There are movies that tug on your emotions, that make you laugh, cry, or more importantly think. Then sometimes you feel an mixed of emotions, you can't identify the emotions but effects you. Although I have not read the novel written by Janet Fitch. The reviews are just as marvelous as the motion picture.

It has been called an ‘coming of age drama,' ‘an unforgettable story of mother and daughter.' There is no doubt that it isn't but it is so much more. "You look at me, and you don't like what you see. But this is the price, Mother - the price of belonging to you. "

- Ingrid
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