White Noise Essay Most Photographed Barn in the World

Topics: New York City, United States, Empire State Building Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: October 9, 2012
The most photographed barn in the world- a book report about the Novel White noise

There are certain land marks that if a person where to go to the same image is with them forever. Think about the empire state building, people tend to think about the helicopter view drifting around the building. They could have worked there or just visited it in real life yet the image is kept with them. In the novel White Noise by Don DeLillo it mentions the most photographed barn in the world which murray states that “it is impossible to see the barn for what it really is. It is impossible to escape it aura.” Which can mean that because it has been so photographed it becomes impossible to have a memory about it that someone one hundred percent created, yet only mentally captured the printed image into one’s mind. Also, when such a large amount of people have seen an object, it is impossible to make a unique opinion on it. It would fall into a generic overview of the barn. Then there is the aura of the tourist, which in Murrays opinion “are taking pictures of taking pictures”(pg12). There is a good chance that they have seen the barn before yet are still taking images of it so they can have their own “claim” of it which puts them away of the reality of the barn and is in a way a form of voyeurism. Imagine the effile tower or the empire state building, two images that define the city’s which they call home. It is hard to think about Paris or New York City without them located in the city. Most people have never even seen these marvels of modern architecture but the image is seared like a hot iron into ones brain. There is a condition called Paris syndrome (^1) where people who visit the city become psychotic because the city did not meet the image of advertising or perceived ideals. When people come to see the barn Muarry states, they don’t see it. They see the pictures and the t.v adds that have been implanted in their minds. This makes sense from all the advertising in the...
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