White Collar Crime

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  • Published : January 7, 2011
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Running head: White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime
Stephanie A. Saldaña-Sánchez
Troy University

Soc 4421 XTIA
Abi Mehdipour
21 September 2009

White Collar Crime
Despite of our individual freedom and equal opportunity, we live in a society where the harsh realities include social and economic inequalities of class, race, and ethnicity, as well as of age and gender. Our society also analyzes issues of social and economic inequality, crime, and criminal justice. The trend of white collar crime has increasingly gone undetected in our global economy and many are obtaining the rewards. The three various elements that will thoroughly be discussed are organized crime, consumer related fraud, insider related frauds, and how it has impacted society. The crimes of corporations have shown that they have committed crimes against one or more of the following victims: 1.Consumers

7.Against the States
These crimes are in comparison with professional theft with many similarities and differences.
“White collar crime is a conduct in violation of the law that is committed by a person of respectability and high social status opportunities created in the course of a legal occupation”(Cole, 2005). White collar crime is not associated with poverty or with social and personal concept which accompanies poverty. Organized criminals provide goods and services to millions of people. They engage in any illegal activity that provides a minimum risk and a maximum of profit. The ultimate solution to organized crime will not be achieved through enforcement alone. The support to the control of organized crime may be viewed as the importance of public awareness for control of organized crime. Organized crime has impacted the public’s perception and they do not have the same organized resentment against white collar crimes. Society’s perspective about white collar crimes are not stereo-typed...
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