White-Centric Propaganda

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Carissa M. DeLeone
©T&G Novelty Co; Carissa DeLeone. 2012, December. All Rights Reserved Any duplicated of this article is subject to punishment by law. U.S. HISTORY COURSES; A LESSON IN WHITE-CENTRIC PROPAGANDA

While I sit in my US History college course, the only thing I am indebted about is the academically stimulating Professor, who sanctions quality analytical dialogue. If I was required to sit through this class, accepting the fabrications and omissions of the materials, I would have opted for a great amount of “sick days”, along with a lower grade. Upon analysis of the obligatory text, however, I am incessantly reminded of why I so abhorred the subject of history since age ten. I guess I’m just not the type of intellectual, whom likes to be fed a load of bullshit, and then told to swallow it holding a coerced smile, while dutifully citing it as a deliciously satisfying meal of facts. The American history academia is overflowing with emblematic propaganda, heaving with histrionic melodrama, in which teaches pupils to think as simple-minded, white-centric citizens. Here, you will read a comprehensive elucidation on precisely why this is so apparent.

I’m inscribing this piece while sitting amongst family, on the holiday known by the US populace as “Thanksgiving”. A holiday represented in schools as a historical incidence of harmony, mutual respect, and gay allotment between Native Indians and whites, during the U.S. colonization era. In actuality, it is a grossly exaggerated, unashamed falsehood, portraying a day wherein sophisticated, blissful pilgrims shared their crops with ill-mannered, half-naked savages. This illusion is merely one in thousands of its kind, in a plethora of cock-and-bull stories being fed to the American laypeople, via historical education and promotion. Consequently, these incidences are unabashedly accepted within the populace, rather than them glancing at the cavernous information being presented in a more realistic view: remarkably Dim-Witted! As a matter of fact, if Americans were taught correctly of how Thanksgiving originated, they would learn that nearly every detail represented in tradition of food, clothing, connotation, and even the calendar date is not only erroneous, it’s propaganda! Thanksgivings’ origin is yet another obvious political technique implemented by white authors and politicians to direct the population in a way of thinking that makes them feel entitled in their white-centric, war-loving, territory grabbing, history. The veiled memorandum of ideals is that everybody whom mattered, (the whites), always deservingly gained the upper-hand while pursuing the liberties and freedoms of all. The foremost detail of this holiday- factually consisting of genocide of peaceful natives- has shrewdly been removed out of its fairy-tale history. The Indians directly involved in this “lunch” however, (such as the members of my family), have quite an opposing commencement, known as “Day of Mourning”. The fact that thousands of their ancestors were slaughtered, forced out of their lands and betrayed, yet they still hunted vast amounts of deer to share with the whites in peace, as a means to honor tribal tradition of gratitude (and of course also because the pilgrims were not able to supply enough food for all the Indians-as they had previously promised- leaving the Indians that were still alive to starve or hunt). To quote documents conferring to this atrocity: What kind of democracy are we when education institutions and teachers refuse to mention the fact that 10 to 30 million Natives were killed at the hands of European invasion and colonialism? What is the point of having a “free market of ideas” when selective and biased history is being taught to our children? The ugly truth is that many Pilgrims were thankful and grateful that the Native population was decreasing. Even worse, there was the Pequot Massacre in 1637… Perhaps most disturbingly, it is...
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