White Cement

Topics: Concrete, Portland cement, Cement Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: March 2, 2013

Admixtures & White Cement

Introduction Lehigh White Cement Company is committed to your success, with technical personnel who understand the interactions between white cement and common chemical admixtures ready to assist you. This technical bulletin discusses considerations experienced users of gray portland cement may overlook when making the switch to white cement. It is not intended to supplant the role of admixture suppliers who are the authorities on their products. Admixture company personnel have a comprehensive understanding of their products and we encourage you seek out these professionals early and often. Admixtures Modern portland cement concrete, including white cement-based mixes, rely on chemical admixtures to optimize their performance and reliability. Chemical admixtures are liquid solutions or dry compounds that when added to concrete during the mixing process can improve and/or control set times, workability, air content and hardened properties of the mix. They most often achieve these goals by altering the physical and chemical interactions of the cement and water to modify the paste portion of the mix. Admixtures are powerful tools that aid placement and enhance a structure’s service life; however, they are not a substitute for sound concrete mix designs and placement practices. In addition to contacting your admixture supplier and Lehigh technical representatives, we recommend the following references for more information on admixtures: • ACI Education Bulletin E4-03, Chemical Admixtures For Concrete • ACI 212.3R-04, Chemical Admixtures for Concrete • ACI 212.4R-04, Guide for the Use of High-Range Water-Reducing Admixtures (Superplasticizers) in Concrete Admixture Interactions - Low, Mid and High Range Water Reducers Chemical admixture/cement interactions normally correlate to the admixture base chemistry. Section 4.1 of ACI Education Bulletin E4-03 explains that it is appropriate to categorize chemical admixtures...
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