White Australia Policy

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  • Published : November 23, 2008
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What did the White Australia Policy and Aboriginal Protection Acts reflect about Australia’s view of Asian and Indigenous peoples?

“Australia for the white man”

As Australia entered the new century after federation, deep concerns and fears of other races which had been bubbling beneath the surface since colonization began to emerge in the policies of the new government. Two of the most controversial were ‘The White Australia Policy’ and the ‘Aboriginal Protection Act’. These two policies, widely supported by all white Australians, came from the deep-rooted sense of superiority that whites held over blacks, known as Social Darwinism as well as ignorance and lack of empathy.

The White Australia Policy restricted non-white immigration and promoted white, European immigration. It was carried out through two main policies, the Immigration restriction act which only allowed non whites in after they had passed a dictation test in a european language of the officers choice. The other policy was the pacific island labourers act which endeavored to rid Australia of Pacific Islanders who were brought to Australia to labour on the sugar farms. This was done deporting all not born in Australia and stopping all entry to Australia for the rest of the Pacific Islanders. The Aboriginal Protection Act was put in place to safeguard a dying race. However it was an act that effectively took away aboriginese to look after themselves, they were put onto reserves, isolated aboriginal communities, where they had no right to vote, receive basic wages or get pentions. This isolation further segregated whites and aboriginals. The final part to the act was to take away Aboriginal parents rights to looking after their own children. This ment custody, maintenance and education was all controlled by the board. Basically this act was put in place to control the demise of aboriginese. “The inferior race is doomed to wither and disappear.”

These policies reflected white Australian...
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