Whistleblowing Hotline

Topics: Whistleblower, Ethics, Morality Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: January 20, 2011
The official definition of the term whistleblowing is ‘making a disclosure in public interest.’ In the business world it refers to a party being aware of wrong doings in the workplace (usually referring to upper management being aware of criminal activity, and choosing to take no action). The government have made an active effort to help promote the concept of whistleblowing, and report criminal acts of their company. If the correct procedure is adhered to here, the employer rights are protected, i.e. your employer cannot victimise you.

The key criteria to create an effective corporate whistleblower hotline, is to ensure the employers are properly protected against as many possible lash back from whistleblowing. This is the major deterrent to whistle blowing, as although law states employee rights are protected, sometimes it is ambiguous in trying to prove that an employee is being victimised, in which case, the employee rights would be rendered useless. The obvious remedy to this dilemma is to assure employee confidentiality, but again potentially this can cause problems, as if court procedures happen, then the employee in question may need to get involved in such a situation.

To create an effective whistleblower hotline, the right procedure should be followed, the employee in question should contact their immediate manager, which is what Cynthia Cooper did, and similarly if the manager does not address the problem bought up, the employee should approach them once more, to fully certify that they have taken the right procedure in order to rectify this problem. This is the exact procedure Cynthia Cooper followed, where she approached her immediate manager in the form of a boardroom meeting, where she aired her concerns about shuffling reserves to manipulate profit figures. The next step in creating effective whistleblowing is it to take the issue to higher authority if the immediate manager brushes the situation off, which again Cynthia did, in that she...
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