Whistle Blowing

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Whistle Blowing
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Table of Contents
Whistle blowing2
Whistle blowing issues4
Attitude and perception5
Ethics and ethical reasoning6
Business and government relations8
The laws9
Customer protection12
Ensuring success of the culture12

Whistle blowing


Whistle blowing is becoming a common practice in many business and government organizations all over the world. After the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the United States, there has been an increase of whistle blowing cases. People have come forward to report numerous instances of corruption and other malpractices that they have witnessed or those that they suspect to be in the offing. The act of whistle blowing has led to saving of numerous jobs as well as thousands of dollars. This paper seeks to establish various aspects that are involved in whistle blowing as well as the different areas that it traverses. Whistle blowing falls in the ethics category where it covers many other fields like government, organizational ethics and customer protection. In the text, whistle blowing falls under the chapter of Ethics and Ethical Reasoning. Other topics that indirectly relate to whistle blowing and also provide the basis for this research are Public Issues, Organizational Ethics, Law, Business and Government Relations (Vinten, 1994).


Nikki (2005) reveals that whistle blowing is the raising of concern about misconduct or unethical behavior in an organization. According to the business dictionary, whistle blowing is the disclosure to the public or authorities a suspected wrongdoing in a business organization or government departments. Morality and conscience plays a role in this kind of exposure and are attributed to failure in business ethics for the organization in question. Whistle blowing is usually done by people within the same organization or outsiders who are privy to the activities in an organization. Unethical behavior can be diverse and it falls within these contexts; breakage of the law and rules of an organization, corruption as well as other acts such as espionage that are a threat to public interests (Lawrence & Weber, 2008). Most modern corporations have embraced the idea of setting up channels through which employees may blow the whistle on malpractices within their organization. Consequently, there is a strong belief that whistle blowers should never be punished. Saving organization from imminent collapse and setting an example as well as precedents are some of the merits considered in protecting whistle blowers. In addition, they may be right or wrong depending on the position they take as well as the issues at hand. Some do lose their jobs while others reap by acquiring promotion. There are channels that offer confidentiality for ensuring protection to the whistle blower.

Whistle blowing issues

For whistle blowing to take place, there has to be violation of the ethics necessary for the smooth running of an organization. There are various issues that have to be dealt with whenever an action is considered as whistle blowing. These issues in most cases involve the political contributions to the corporation or firm. Corporate issues that involve takeovers and competition are also exposed to malpractices that can only be revealed through whistle blowing (Lawrence & Weber, 2008). Stock trading is one of the biggest avenues to grand mismanagement of many corporations. Some investors’ stocks have been sold illegally by company employees with the knowledge of top company management. All the above issues warrant some form of exposure when they are carried out.

Attitude and perception

While majority of people support whistle blowing, others think it should never be encouraged. In some organizations a whistle blower...
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