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Whirpool Corporation

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  • November 2012
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To: Ms Dana Donnley, Director of Employee Communication
From: Employee Communication Manager
Subject: Feedback on Whirlpool Corporation Wellness program -------------------------------------------------
Dated:September 08th, 2012

First of all, I would like to express my personal gratitude for the initiative taken by you and to assure my assistance at all times. It is beyond doubt that a structured, employer-sponsored wellness program that is intended to support employees can adopt and endure behaviors that reduce health risks, enhance personal effectiveness and lower the health care cost. Nevertheless we have to plan and implement the wellness program cautiously keeping in view the apprehensions of the employees organization-wide. One major concern is regarding confidentiality of the medical screening outcome as these results will be directly linked to their job security and future success in this organization. Due to same reason, we have to convince the employees and their spouse to participate in this wellness program through education and incentive package. My recommendation would be to educate the employees through informal and formal trainings regarding the benefit of this program. All relevant particulars including the structure, benefits, advantages and procedures of the program should be shared with all employees initially through emails. In addition, computer based online and instructor led trainings should be designed as early as possible to inculcate all employees. One other option would be to persuade the employees to enroll in wellness program by offering 50% discount on sports club membership. I have discussed this strategy with HR Manager and this approach can work as the annual charges of club membership are far less than the insurance premium paid annually by our organization. Let me know of your thoughts and we can then endorse these recommendations as per your guidance.

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