Whirlpool: Communication and Employee Wellness Program

Topics: Communication, Writing, Productivity Pages: 3 (674 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Part 1: A Communications Strategy Memo

DATE: 02.01.12
TO: MS. Dana Donnley, Director of Employee Communication
FROM:MS. Kevina Kenny, Employee Communications Manager
SUBJECT:Whirlpool Corporation Employee Wellness Program

This document proposes a communication strategy for the Employee Wellness Program at Whirlpool Corporation. It analyses the status of the Employee Wellness Program identifying the relevant background details and critical factors. To increase the participation in the program, it outlines the options for action and makes specific recommendations for employee communication.

Main Idea
1.Analysis of the business problem shows that too few employees currently participate in the Employee Wellness Program. 2.The background data suggests that the employee’s well-being, satisfaction and productivity increases by participation in the program. Despite the company assuming the costs the participation is low. 3.The critical issue is employee concerns about confidentiality and frequently they have concerns regarding the use of the data. 4.The audience can be segmented and corresponding communication measures taken as follows: a.Those employee who already participate without confidentiality issues should continue to participate b.Those employees not participating should start to participate c.Spouses not participating should start to participate

d.So far the program targets employees at HQ. As a next phase, the program could be extended to employees outside of HQ. 5.To manage complexity, I assume the same means of communication for all segments identified above. 6.I consider the following methods of communication:

a.Each manager is tasked with communicating and convincing his / her employees to participate in the program b.An email is sent to all employees from the Director of Employee communication convincing employees to participate in the program...
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