Whirligig: Brass Instrument and Brent

Topics: Brass instrument, Future, A Good Thing Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: November 20, 2011
In chapter four of Whirligig, a marching band is the whirligig that Brent created. For instance, when Brent got off the boat and walked down to the pier, he came to a "wooden marching band" in which he stopped and looked at (62). He saw a trumpet, trombone, clarinet and drum. Then he thought to himself about whenever there's a group there is fighting. But maybe people in a group don't argue like Willie Colon's band, but usually not. That's just life. He can be like that, just if he joins in a group, just like Willie Colon's band. Additionally, last summer, he had a job as a street sweeper from two o'clock in the morning until ten, which was very peaceful during the night, only of couse until traffic started and everyone was in a hurry. But he was ready for it, he had some Willie Colon's music to listen to (62). What a good mix; driving a street sweeper on calm roads, and some Willie Colon's band music. Even if it's an early awakening, it's still always nice to have a job. Certainly, Brent is making some of the best choices in life, that will hopefully show in his furture yet to come.

In chapter six of Whirligig, a music note symbolizes the whirligig that Brent had made. For example, there are many oppertunities for Brent to get to learn how to play an instrument such as "Violin camps in the summer, group recitals, more and more pieces to review, crossing the bridge to Seattle twice as week for lessons. And now Youth Orchestra's starting up again" (78). Even though he may not want to acknowledge these chances that he has to choose from, they are still there for him to look into and maybe even get into one. Also, he can even try to teach himself once he knows for a fact that that is clearly what he wants to do. In addition, the worst part of this whirligig was, "A girl playing a harp, like in an orchestra" (80). I have always believed, and been told that, "Practice makes perfect". So, if it is something that Brent would like to do, it is something that he...
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