While I Was Sleeping

Topics: Infosys, Nandan Nilekani, Bangalore Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: December 4, 2012
While I Was Sleeping
In an article written by Thomas L. Friedman entitled "While I was Sleeping" starts his journey traveling to India on a quest to help him understnad why they had become such an important pool for the outsourcing of service and information technology work from America and other industrialized countries. He also llos at how advanced technology plays an important role in growing businesses within the U.S.

Friedman compared his travels to Christopher Columbus. Columbus's travel was a journey to India in search of hardware, precious metals, silk, and spices. Friedman's trip to India was to find software, brainpower, complex algorithms, knowledge workers, call centers, all the sources of wealth in our day. (626)

Friedman toured one of India's largest software firms, Infosys Technologies Limited, and interviewed Nandan Nilekani, the company's CEO. He's considered one of the most thoughtful and respected captains of the Indian industry. Nilekani says we are at Globalization 3.0 which is flattening the playing field globally. This will be more and more driven not only by individuals but also by a much more diverse group of individuals. (627)

One of the first people he met when getting to Bangalore, India was Jaithirth "Jerry" Rao and he's involved in outsourced accounting work from any state in America and the federal government. In 2005, they expected to complete over 400,000 U.S. tax returns.(631-632)

Shortly after an interview with Bill Brody, the president of John Hopkins University, Friedman received an email from Brody. He wanted to let Friedman know he learned radiologists in the U.S. are outsourcing the reading of CAT scans to doctors in India and Australia from many small and medium-sized hospitals. Most of these readings take place at night and weekends, when the U.S. radiologists do not have sufficient staffing to provide in-hospital coverage. The groups abroad providing these after-hours readings are called "Nighthawks" by the...
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