While You Were Sleeping

Topics: Family, Marriage, Thought Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Katie Hinman
1113 1:00 pm
8 March 2010
“While You Were Sleeping”
Think back to when you were a young girl. Did you ever have the fear of being alone forever or finding the right guy for you? That use to be one of my biggest fears. I hated the idea of being along but even more so I hated the idea of being with the wrong person. This is exactly how Lucy felt in the movie While You Were Sleeping. She felt alone but not so alone to she would just settle for just anyone like Joe Jr. She was so excited when she saw the man that she thought was the most perfect man in the world Peter Callaghan but little did she now that he still was not even the man for her.

As alone Lucy was she was never so alone that would settle for Joe Jr. Joe Jr. was the son of the man that owned the building Lucy lived in. Joe Jr. is one of these guys that women run from. He is egotistical, thinks he is God’s gift to women, Mr. Cool, and he rides on his dad’s name. His outward appearance is sloppy and disgusting. He keeps hitting on Lucy but she does not ever go out with him. Besides asking her out all the time he follows her around. He knocks on her door and claims that she stood him up on their date that she had not agreed to go on. He hides in her closet and tries on her shoes. He tells her that if he can move he would have his father knock some of the rent off if she lets him move in, and even his father is trying to set them up. His last attempt of winning Lucy is when he brings her flowers and gives her a really big hug. When Jack comes goes the apartment to try and find out information on Lucy, Joe Jr. is out front working on his car and he tells Jack about how him and Lucy are together. Besides asking her out all the time he Lucy would rather go home to her cat then be with Joe Jr. While Lucy did not want to be with Joe Jr. She thought she found the perfect man and the man she wanted to be with but the only thing is that she has never spoke to him. The only time...
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